Affordable Simi Valley Mobile Screen Door Onsite Service

Simi Valley Screen Doors

Are you ready to get  good screen doors installed in Simi Valley? I have the right sliding screen doors that slide great for up to 30 to 40 years without any hassles.  I make the extruded aluminum frame for the screen doors in Simi Valley onsite. I measure, cut, build and screen it on the spot!  No waiting, driving , installing or fighting with one of those cheap, plastic parts screen doors in Home Depot or YOU Doit center.

I’m a Simi valley screen doors specialist and have been making patios screen doors in Simi Valley and near by areas for 17 years. I only use all metal, aluminum parts for my screen doors and hardware for all my  patio screen doors I repair and replace . I’m good at what I do and guarantee all my Simi Valley work for 10 years. If you have a screen that is falling off track or sticking on the bottom or top track rail, you probably need a free estimate. See what all my Simi Valley clients are so happy with, my sliding screen doors.

If you need more information on Screen doors and screen jobs I have personally done in Simi Valley, Try looking at my other sites!

Simi Valley Screen Doors Made Onsite

Most homes in Simi Valley have older glass door openings and need lots of different attention, from a simple lube job to replacing the hole screen. Most encasement are not the same and patio screen doors need to be built on the premises for a precision fit.  When making screens for a special entry or an of square area, i need to pay special attention to different lengths and widths. A proper fit will make the frame slide the way it should on the guides and it should not pop of no matter what.  Many times if it,s too tight it will not slide right and will get stuck.  It does take a bit of knowledge to make a good screen doors and a mobile service is the right way to order one if you don’t want any more problems with it.

Simi Valley Patio Screen Doors

Most of the clients that call us  have issues with sliding problems in their backyard Simi Valley patio screen doors.  The backyard glass door is the most used door in the house and is the entry in the home with the most problems. Because the heavy traffic the goes through all day, in the Spring and Summer, that parts and rollers start to give and eventually need some  serious help.  There are ways to avoid this wear and tear by regular cleaning and lubing. Make sure to not grind the frame with the lower tracks because this with eventually eat into you aluminum and breaking into the cement, causing major water and weather damage to your opening and possibly having to change out the hole glass door itself.

Simi Valley Screen Door Maintenance

Many things can go wrong with your sliders and taking care of you most used door in the home is important and can save you a lot of aggravation. Start by making sure your bottom wheels are goes and still there, you wouldn’t believe how many customers of mine push their screens across the tracks for  years with out any rollers.  First make sure you have them and if you do, they need to be raised enough to keep the frame off the bottom track. you can lift the screen with a screw driver and adjust them to balance out the frame and keep it clear from scraping the tracks. To clean this you need to house off the entire screen and then use wd40 to lube it at the wheels and top and bottom channel space, this will help most common slider problems and make the sliding screen doors slide smooth.

If your tracks are dirty with dust, small rocks, pet hair and other obstructions the patio door may have, it will need to be cleaned. The best way to do that is by taking the slider off the encasement opening and putting it down on the grass. There are a few ways to clean, one is vacuum first then scrub it with water and soap and another safe way to do cleaning is to hose of all debris and left dry, both ways will work.  Once cleaned and dried lube the channels and rails with oil spray can, then just re-install the screen doors and you are set!  Remember to all ways re-adjust the rollers to the point where the frame is if the ground.

Brand New Screen Doors Made in Simi Valley

If you think that the time has finally come and you need new screen doors installed in Simi Valley then you found the perfect service for it. My expertise will take care of you problem once and for all! No more pushing, dragging, pulling, yanking, hitting the patio slider anymore. Most of the doors out there are not very good because they are made from plastic parts and light weight gauge steel, what is recommended is a stronger yet lighter than steel material, whats needed is a frame made like an I beam. The stronger material is called extruded aluminum and it is flexible for durability and string for longevity, yet light weight so it’s easy to slide and will not be to heavy for the roller set.

You are going to use this door a lot, being the most used door in the home, and it need to be made right. Making it onsite assures that this good material will not go to waste, and having a professional measuring and cutting it  at your home is the best way to do it, also a guarantee for ten years does come standard with all new purchases. A new sliding door is the best way to go when customers have the older worn ones and the finishes all excellent and made to match perfect with you home. The mesh that comes on them is your choice and I do cover this when I come for a home quote, the regular mesh is clears and keeps the insects out side and the pet screen keeps the pets form scratching and tearing the material.  It works great and does same you money on the long run.

Simi Valley Screen Doors Colors

The colors I carry are…white, gray (anodized) and bronze which is the dark color. If you want a screen for your slider my only suggestion after so many years of installing insect screens is to NOT buy anything with plastic part.  just think of the damage the sun can do after a while. The sun make plastic parts brittle and weakens them after time, within just a few years the parts will crack and fall off. If you think you might like a little security with you handle lock latch parts, you will not be able to get a good latch if you have rubber or plastic, you definitely will need full metal lock latch parts to work right and give you that extra security you can have with a good handle.

Screen Doors In Simi Valley Repaired For Less

Are you in Simi Valley and want to save some money on getting your screen doors repair work done for less?  Not a problem I specialize in repair when changing or replacement is not an option and I do it with older materials. If there’s a will there’s a way.  If you absolutely can not replace then repairing it it is.  I carry all types of parts on my truck to get the job done for cheap and done right.  Getting them repaired is what I have to do in many cases where something is not standard and was originally made custom, I have no problem with that and will work with it.  The funny part is that most material out there is no longer made and I have to get creative, and in most tasks I get it finished the right way and my customers are always happy with the work a perform.

Rescreening Simi Valley Screen Doors

I  have many choices of mesh for rescreening Simi Valley screen doors on the property. The best fiberglass screen mesh I carry is the clear material with a tight weave for bug protection and invisible to see through.  It’s the one I sell and use the most and my customers love it.  If you  have a view you will love it because you  simple don’t see the material at all.  Another great useful wire product I carry is the pet screen, tuff screen or pet proof screen, this was made to with stand dog claws and cat scratches, it truly works just like the name says, it’s for pets and it works.  It is seven times stronger that the regular mesh and surprisingly enough it is very clear to see through.

My mobile service  has been around for years and all my work is guaranteed . The hardware I use for my products is top of the line and I only will use the highest quality materials for my jobs. I give totally free estimate for my customers and make sure to be thorough with my explanations of whats needed for the work described. If you are looking to see some samples, I carry all types of samples for any of the material I sell. When it comes to getting the right stuff for your doors and windows I am an expert because I do specialise in only what I sell and offer service for. Don’t settle for lower end materials when it comes to moving parts because they simple will not hold up with the sun and rain.  call me to get a quote, I come out and I do the work myself, no employees, just me.
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