Window Screen Information, Tips and help on How To Fix Them

Window ScreenEverything you need for window screen information, tips and how to fix them help online.  Information on mobile repair services, what they are and how they work when they come right to your door for window screen replacement and window screen repair.  You’ve come to the right place if you need a totally new window screen or just need to figure out how to push one back in place.

The main purpose of a window screen is to keep the flies, bugs and any type of insect out of the house.  Professionally sealing up a house correctly with screens will reduce most of the insects from coming into your kitchen and walking all over you food and dishes.  The thought of bugs in your home is enough to go around your house and take note to what type of work your window screens are going to need.


Window Screen Replacement

Every window screen has a life-cycle, they do not last forever. There are several things that start happening to screens after a few years, holes show up on the mesh itself, best frames will all of a sudden be there without you knowing how it happened even missing screens seems to be part of their natural life-cycle. These are the main reasons you will have window screen problems:

  1. Weather is the main cause of window screen deterioration
  2. The more sun a window screen get the less it will last
  3. Children is the second biggest cause of window screen problems
  4. Pets are the third reason why you might need to have window screen replacement
  5. Window washers and maid cleaning services are another reason
  6. Trying to take a window screen off and on is also very common

How to check your window screens for problems.   First things to look for is missing screens, gaps larger that 3/16 to 1/4 between the frame and the window area it is sitting on.  Holes are the next thing you should be looking for, this can sometimes be an easy fix by just rescreening the frame, if it’s in good shape.